Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Dearest Nao, please be safe.

I was awake from 4am doing my report until around 8am when I saw the horrible news online. 
Had a panic attack that morning knowing the area in Japan where the tsunami attacked was Sendai, where Nao's hometown is

Nao, was one of closest friend in Aberdeen during my 1st university year, sadly, she was a one-year exchange student. We met again in Japan a year after that and explored Tokyo together with Jeri. She became a really busy person ever since she got her job. 

I sent her text and emails straight away when I heard about the disaster.
But till now I haven't heard a news from her :( I'm really worried.
I pray hoping Nao, her family and her cats are fine. Ya Allah, semoga dorang selamat, amin. 

My deepest condolence to all the victims in Japan who are affected by the earthquake and tsunami, I pray for their quick recovery from this unfortunate event. 

Nippon Connections had another Onigiri sale today,
 but this time, all the proceeds of our sale will go to the Japan earthquake and tsunami Appeal. 
We even set up 3 donation piggies.
I was busy with my computer practical today but Jeri told me many people came in just to donate.  
We've collected 200pounds just from the piggies themselves ;) and that doesn't include the profits from our onigiri sale.
I would like to thank you to all the people who made the donation!

*   *   *   *   *   *
Let me post up the draft I made from last week

Graze box
I am currently receiving nibble box from Graze 2 times a week and I look forward every time!
The first box was a free gift from O2 surprises, and since it was free, I thought to give it a try.
I fell in love ever since I opened neat package. 

I also receive emails what's going to be in my next package, upon receiving them, they will ask me to rate the food they sent.
I especially love the dried food (mango) and nuts! 
It was free for the 1st box, then half price for the 2nd. From then on it's 3.49pound every box, but I don't want them to stop coming! Tuesday and Thursday, that's when my healthy food arrives every week ^^
Graze, you make me feel like a rodent, but I am still loving you.

*   *   *   *   *   *
Still can't stop thinking of you,
dearest Nao, please be safe.


a e r i . ♥ said...

i pray for all of the victims everynight :( i follow alot of asian bloggers and alot of them are from japan, every time i hear about them hoping for thier family and friends to be okay it breaks my heart :( i wish things like this didnt happen in the world :(

Tekkaus said...

I am sure with your prayers she is in good hand. :)

huy tran said...

deepest condolences to the Japanese affected. ):

i like the *thumbs up* photo. really cool, haha. ^^

@aeri; Hey, do you blog anymore? o___o. don't know which one's yours. or are all of them yours? idk. (x

Pu3 said...


LoveStory said...

my deepest condolences to the victims..and i believe, no news, is good news? insyaAllah she'll be alright..payah dpt connection/power/etc kali, that's why ia balum able to contact you.. ;)

Hello said...

I hope Nao is okay xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Please post when you hear from herr!!! <3

Saving Capulet said...

I'll be praying for your friend, too

☆(´∀`)李兔子RabbitoBonbon☆ said...

Don't worry everything will be okay soon! Just keep praying! o(^-^)o

Fakhira HM Saiful said...

waiting replies from Nao must be frustrating and you must be worrying like hell! Ive been thru that, seiji replied my email 2 days ago and sudden pang of relieved hit me. I hope Nao will be perfectly fine just like Seiji. Amin. I pray for Japan to smile and shine again.

Pu3 said...


Anonymous said...

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