Monday, 21 March 2011

My £5 Photobook

✼  ✼  ✼  ✼  ✼  ✼  ✼  ✼  ✼  ✼  ✼  ✼
Bought a 80% discount coupon for albelli photobook from groupon d(⌒o⌒)b  
So instead of the original prices of £25, I only have to pay £5
Huge bargain no?  ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

Here's the photo book product I received (21cm x 21cm). 
The cover looks pretty plain and simple but it's made of high-quality linen, so its good :P 
The quality of the photo printed is pretty good too. 
I get to put as much photo as I want into a total of 24 pages :) 

Except for the Japan photos, the others were all taken in 2010.

Pretty awesome yes? ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

Super rare event - Chatted with Zai 2 times this week! 
Unbelievable╭(⫪∀⫪;)╮She's usually too busy with her med studies, plus our time difference are, like, freakin' HUGE!
♥ Lots of love 


YongWei said...

hey sister! how do you make your desktop icons so cute! are those folders?

Dolce♥Bunny said...

I shall rate AND comment!
This is such a good idea! Except I tried doing this before but it didnt show up on my blog... :(
this book is just so cute and for 5pounds is definately a bargain!!
its liek a year book except... ITS ALL ABOUT YOU!!
Love it Love it Love it!!<3

LoveStory said...

how did you make those stars? i wana follow..(can i follow? lol!)

neways, that photobook is awesome! you've travelled alot. i wana do that too xD

JIPP said...

nice as always!

Tekkaus said...

Yeah! Pretty awesome for this price. Not too bad I would say. :)

Pu3 said...

[YongWei] Of course my desktop is cute, that's because the owner is cute also haha XP Yep i downloaded icon set from

[Dolcebunny] I actually tried the 5 yellow rating stars but nothing came up :/ so that's why Im just using a normal reaction with boring black stars lol.

I was hoping to make a nicely organized year book of me ^^' but i only had like 2 hours left that time before the coupon expired, that's why the book looks pretty simple hehe

Pu3 said...

[LoveStory] Follow tah, aku followed orang jua lol ^^' Actually have the 5 yellow stars at 1st p lagging bah, yatah pakai simple ja.

Arah 'design' post ada jua tu, add reactions :P Im not sure about windows, i got my stars from 'edit-special characters'.

[JIPP] Thanx ^^

[Tekkaus] Since its cheap, i thought the quality is bad, i was wrong ^^ so yea, glad i bought the coupon. My 1st printed photobook!

MizArWeN said...

I love to see thay neat photobook of urs! F i were u I wud scrap sumtin on d cover coz its kinda plain. But insyd its, blk2 jua ku ckp ni! Lol

Pu3 said...

Awu banar tu XD rasakan di decorate ia punya cover kan? XD Btw, I miss you mizarwen! Hehe

MayClover said...

I rate and comment ^^!
I agree so cheap(photobook) and it looks good :D

Saving Capulet said...

what a beautiful and cute way to keep memories <3 :3 guuh I would love to own a photo book or even make a scrap book but then I get too lazy since all the photos are in pc anyway ;A;

MizArWeN said...

I miss you, the others and blogging too. My blog look dead now kn? I noe... =_= Must blog, blog, blog! Hehe :D Bah, slowly u'll come up how to decor it :) Eh, aku rate jua


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