Saturday, 19 March 2011

Good News!

Guess what everyone?
She said she's fine, same goes to her family and her cats! 
I was told that her house is on a hill, so it was out of reach ╭(⫪∀⫪;)╮there's no water and electricity at the moment though.
Thank you for replying my email Nao ╭(⫪∀⫪;)╮ I'm so glad!

✼  ✼  ✼  ✼  ✼  ✼  ✼  ✼  ✼  ✼  ✼  ✼  ✼  ✼  ✼  ✼

It was St. Patrick's day yesterday, on the same day, some university staffs (including lecturers) went on strike over changes to pension plans. As a result, classes cancelled! Unlucky for me ╰( ̄Д ̄;)╮my lecturer is so rich already (or maybe passion over money?).

But....╭(◉Д◉;)╮I missed my class anyway! No no, not that I thought my class was cancelled too. I actually got mixed up with my time schedule.
The final session just started this week btw. 

So what have I been doing all day?

I finally got my chance to talk to my girls ╰( ≥ ∀ ≤ )╯
 I enjoyed it very much.

 It's been a very long time since called and chatted with my old time buddies.
 I remember those days when I used to spend hours and hours on the phone talking to my friends, guess I have become quite independent nowadays.

✼  ✼  ✼  ✼  ✼  ✼  ✼  ✼  ✼  ✼  ✼  ✼
*please ignore my English*
Actually there's too many things in my mind. 
My paranoia and negativeness have caused a great stress that leads abdominal pains. 

At times like these, 
you need those people who knows you best, 
those people who knows your real life story.

I could still feel the pain when I woke up this morning. 
Thank god Faridah was free to listen, and it works, she made me feel so much better afterwards. Thank you.

I am not the type of person who can keep her things to her self. 
Yet it's a VERY bad idea to let it go to the wrong person (which, by the way, I did)
I have a problem of being too honest, too friendly to everyone and trusting people so easily :( 
I should learn to choose my friends I can express my feelings to..... But it's so darn HARD!
Truth is, there's nothing about me my close friends don't know. 

Why Im freakin' stress now is because I'm not used to keeping the painful thought all by myself. Yet, I get so busy with uni work not wanting to waste time.

Jeri? Lol. Of course I talked to him about it :P but he always give me a reality slap instead, T,T Sigh, I know he's just saying the truth, but sometimes you need some words of comfort even though it not true. 
Kitani perempuan melayu kan, sentiasa memerlukan kata-kata yang menyamankan ati. 
Like when a fucking ugly girl asked "Am I really fucking ugly?", then the other person should say "WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT? YOU'RE FUCKING BEAUTIFUL."

END (before it get worst)
✼  ✼  ✼  ✼  ✼  ✼  ✼  ✼  ✼  ✼  ✼  ✼
I feel rather tomboy-ish today...
*sorry, it's blurry, photo was taken with laptop*


haya_gair said...

YYYAYYYYYYY!!! ~ <3 I am so releived for you that Nao is ok!!! hehe I told my mom and she wass suppeerr sad for u and now shes happy <3 <3

Pu3 said...

Awwww ^^ Yea I was screaming when I received the email! So happy!

huy tran said...

HAHAHA, but Dawwwww! look on the brighter side! now you're not behind work like other classes! :D

oh wait, you missed it. LOL. --"

you should've done my 1st photo pose. then you'd look like a handsome tomboy :) hehe

Pu3 said...

Huy tran, you know what :P actually I did you 'handsome' pose XD But there's no way im going to post it up in public! Too handsome bah, later everyone will faint.

LoveStory said...

yayy..glad to hear about Nao too xD alhamdulillah...

n bnr tu.. no matter what, we need those comfort words.phrases.. xD

Pu3 said...

Hehe, I remember Zaimah's favoarite respond to all my questions and whinings are "nda tu...", such simple words still made me feel better :P


I was also very glad when my sister replied my facebook post... she lives in Miyazaki, thankfully that place is very far away from the earthquake and the tsunami...

Pu3 said...

Im happy to heat about your sister Ihsan :) You must have been really worried! Alhamdulillah selamat.

huy tran said...

@Pu3; LOLOL!! OMG, you made my night Puteri. OMG, HAHAHAH. :) :)
Asians dominate in Australia, girl. well, in the area where i live. my suburb has about 90% Vietnamese people i reckon.

Tekkaus said...

It is a huge relief to know that you friend is ok already right? :)

konayukiss said...

aww even if you feel tomboyish ur still pretty :)

MayClover said...

Good to hear that your friend is ok!
Cool tomboyish photo ;D!

Nonny Atika said...

i was waiting for updates from Nao...glad Nao and family's ok.. syukur` our japanese language trainer told us her family was ok too, but still felt slight gegaran that day..

lovin' the tomboyish photo :)

Pu3 said...

[Huy tran] 90% Vietnamese? @_@ Whoaaa... I wish it would be the same for my case, im the only asian in my course lol.

[Tekkau and Nonny] Yep, alhamdulillah. :) Im glad to hear about your trainer's family too. Yea its scary, the earthquake still on going.

Pu3 said...

[Mayclover] thanks ^^

[konayukiss] I thought i can pass as a les haha.

Dolce♥Bunny said...

That's great news that your friend replied! I know how you felt when I couldn't contact my cousins' fam in Japan :(
Hope you are alright girl, sorry to hear that you're being so stressed and all, but am glad that you have friends that you can talk to! Unlike me, I'm more of a person who don't really like to talk... Take care girl! And you look good even tom boy-ish!

Anonymous said...



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