Sunday, 6 March 2011

"You said you have speech problem, but you sounded just fine!"

I guess that's what some of you were thinking when you did read my previous post and watched my vlog.
The reason why I sounded 'okay' in my vlog (atleast some of you think so) is because it was taken from 5 different video shots.
Truth is, there were many silent gaps in between and well...mumblings!

And some people who know me in person said:
It's my accent la = = It changes with the people who I talk to as well as the things that surround me. 
This is one of things I never thought I am capable of.  

Actually that has always been included in one of the Bruneian list:
4) You know you are a Bruneian if:
You speak Malaysia if you meet Malaysian, speak Indonesia if you meet Indonesian.. and so on.
I was always marked as a 'non-typical Bruneian' by my friends because I don't/can't do what most Brunei people do.
So changing the accent easily is one of the things I could not do
 = =  I actually speak Bru-lish (Brunei English) to my Malaysian friends lol. 
Mm...........I think I should include this too

You know you are a Bruneian if:
You sound very American when you are a fluent English speaker. 
(even though our school teach British English, we grow up watching American TV programme) 

This doesn't apply to me btw╭(⫪∀⫪;)╮
But half of my friends were thought they came from America when they speak to the people here in uk.

Like I said, I'm not good at catching accents. 
But then again
I actually can! (eventhough it takes a longggggg time)
I didn't notice it at all until my friends pointed it out, 
especially when I talk to Jeri. 

Also, some of my course mates thought I was brought up in Scotland because of the way I speak to them - But that only happened when I spent a few days with them lol. 

When I go back to my Bruneian friends, everything switched off, 
and even if I tried too, I sounded so fake. 
One other thing I realised about me is that - no british/scottish accent can come out when atleast one close friend (usually asian) is with me. Lol, okay why am I even telling you all this, such useless detail 
I made the vlog just when I came back from Uni when some bits were still left on.
 I'm saying all this to clarify everything, 
see how paranoid I am now? :/ 

But other than that,
 I guess I learned something about me that I never knew,
 I can now proudly tick myself into one of the Bruneian list :P (the accent changing bit) 
But wait, does it still apply since Im a slow-catcher? 

 ✼✼   ✼✼   ✼✼   ✼✼   ✼✼   ✼✼   ✼✼   ✼✼ 

Before I end this post,
I would like to thank Mizarwen for making this beautiful scrap layout that includes a photo of me in it (together with Aznuur and Esma). 


YongWei said...

eh da ie! you speak chinese too?!?!?!

Pu3 said...

No no no! :P I was talking about the chinese accent in english lol..... speaking chinese - how i wish! ╭(⫪∀⫪;)╮

huy tran said...

you may have a speech problem, but you're undoubtedly a very good artist. i'm jealous, really. :/

Pu3 said...

Lol, my drawings looks pretty average but thanx ^^'

BearMafia said...

hmmm ... my two cents would be,
Subconsciously, your mind is messing with yourself, hence giving you a heighten awareness of how you would sound...which 9/10 people hate the way they sound after listening to themselves speak.

my own experience:
1. yes, adapting how people speak in different regions affect our speech patterns, especially in vowels and consonant clusters. i do it sometimes,

2. listening to yourself carefully gives you that, oh gawd i hate the way i sound phase. hence you feel intimidated by your own psyche.

3. especially when it comes to singing...i can go deep like a baritone or high like pavarotti or maybe even amy search. but then again, getting that perfect pitch and enunciation is often B-Iatchi... hence hating myself the way i sound sometimes.

4.all in all..whether it Americanabritishabruneianinglish...
or whatever accent you might bring to the table. get it over with, as long as you roll the Rs , elaborate the Es, Heighten the Is, proper enunciation and pronunciation is just all you need..

i speak
japanese with an OSAKA accent.
Korean like im dying
Malay like a misguided fool
English like im not Malay
Chinese (well a tiny bit) like a guy with a lisp...

TADA~~~~~~~ (^__^)Y

huy tran said...

@Pu3; np! ^^

5 languages.
i'm impressed.
i too wanna learn Korean!
& LOL @ "Korean like i'm dying"

Pu3 said...

[Bearmafia] Impressive! Hehe. my friends are always making fun (couldnt stand) of my high-pitch voice hehehe and it changes with my mood. :P .

And i highly understand how the way we speak changes with our surrounding, but usually, not me = = that's my point.
And a lot of my friends (not uk origin, not bruneian) are the same lke me, some stayed in uk for half of their life but their accent never changed. Its more like how it makes me wonder how many Bruneians can changes the way they speak so easily.

Lastly, im also impressed that you know how to speak a lot of languages. :) Like mr.vui does (lol), owh im such an ordinary babe - -

BearMafia said...

Not Entirely..

the amazing ability that Bruneians Hold for adapting to speech patterns , is to avoid misunderstanding.... for clarity....although sometimes we think its mockery.... haha i know what you mean by accents not changing. . .not sure how to explain it...hahah...

boh dui....misteri nusantara....

Pu3 said...

Aku banggang now hahahaahhaaa ╭(⫪∀⫪;)╮
Sorry maybe because of my incorrect use of English have cause you to be confused *malu*

BearMafia said...

Hahaha I has Been Confused...very the much lah.. no confusion....

Bottom Line is,

Power through your predicament,
Kick your own Psyche's ARse,
Level your own speech patterns,
pronounce and Enunciate the hell out of those words....

and the last thing...dont believe what you tell yourself sometimes.
just do more VLogs, record your own speech, find that groove and et'voila.....cest' manifique...

Pu3 said...

Lol ╰( ≥ ∀ ≤ )╯ thanx for your advice~☆☆☆
Yep i recorded more vlog since im just keep it to my self hehe, yet it id help increase my confidence.

Tekkaus said...

Well...why bother about what they say? Just vlog what you wanna say. :D

Pu3 said...

This shows how super paranoid I am :P

LoveStory said...

ahaha i know how ya feel sista. xD

Saving Capulet said...

ooh wow! you look so pretty in those photos!! and I hope you're feeling a okay! I love accents! I used to do different accents for fun! my friends' personal favorite would be my british lara croft accent my super model russian accent :))

Muhsin Aminudin said...

may i know, what app that u use for drawing?

support saya dalam

10 hours challenge start

Pu3 said...

[Saving Capulet] Playing with accent - you must be good then haaha T_T I suck at it, so i never play along with my friends

[Muhsin] Im using 'Art Studio' in ipad - that's the best XD For the words n speech bubble, i have to use another app called 'photogene'.

MizArWeN said...

Aduiii...ada kna post jua(*^^*) Hehe. Ur most welcome. My creation only biasa aje. Got other ppl who can create more beautiful than i do ^^ m just a noobie. Bt reli, gamsahabnida~

Dk Yamin said...

Lol malu terpulang si Esma ani ╰( ̄∀ ̄;)╮

MayClover said...

Well I still love your drawings, you rock! ;)

Anonymous said...

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