Wednesday, 1 August 2007

Whoa~ Capers~!!

Umm~ Wen was dat ah~? Last Saturday? Yah - 28 July~ Went to PTEB~ Equinox lunch invitation~ p it wuz too late~ "WHAT??!" Diana said i should have come an hour early as planned~ so i wuz given d wrong info? Oh well~.. i wuznt hungry anyway~! Mahirah & Amir wuz at school too~ pissed off? "Why are we here???!!!!!"

Trus ke ubd ngan Mahirah~ musim registration dat time~ Not much~ Met arief, Daus n their frenz oso~ *talk*talk*talk* Afta dat, sampat krmh Longlong jua :P heheh~ surprise visit!! His parentz da dalam~ aiyo~nervous tah jua aku ah~ Miss d old dayz eh wen me&Longlong were still frenz - slalu hangout di rmhnya~ Wy cant i do dat now? Becoz we're together? Ykah?.

Dat nite, ada gathering di Caperz wit some of the ptebianz~ actually itz a farewell dinner for Longlong.. :( Oh he's going to Florida diz 15th Aug~Man im gonna miss em!!

Nywy, Caperz~ tot it wuz expensive, but it sure worth it~!! Aiya~I should av eaten more!!

Love d pizza~seriously~ :P~

Wow~ i wonder wen was the last time we hang out like diz~
i miss the otherz so much~!!

~... thatz all?

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