Friday, 3 August 2007

Yes~.. Im juz bored~.. *_*

Guess diz personal survey took a lot of space~ wat the heck, my blog - stil av my ryt 2 do anyting i want~

* . . About You . . *
Eye Color::~..boreng~! *o*
Hair Color::~..boreng oso~!! *o*
Height::~Aduh, i donno :P 142cm 6 yearz ago lol
Favorite Color::Anyting that blend wit BLACK
Screen Name::~..nani?
Favorite Band::Hahah~ I don think i have 1 :P
Favorite Movie::Any horror movies would do :D Oh oh~ i noe.. THE SIMPSONS!!
Favorite Show::I don watch tv much nowadayz :(
Your Car::Mitsubishi~ wlupun buruk udah olehku~ I still love her :) ~ so much~..
Your Hometown::Brunei~ so peaceful~
Your Present Town::~.. still in Brunei yo~
Your Crushes First Name::WAT??
Your Grade::Undergraduate udah~waa~...
Your Style::ANTAM
* . . Have You Ever . . *
Sat on your rooftop?:~so nice up there~ :) Not wen itz hot!!
Kissed someone in the rain?:Wow~ romantic jua~!
Danced in a public place?:Haha~ love 2 do dat evrytym excited :P Cant help it
Smiled for no reason?:I daydream a lot ya noe~!
Laughed so hard you cried?:Ndakan nda kan?!
Peed your pants after age 8?:~bowh~...
Written a song?:~whoa.. I did?!
Sang to someone for no reason?:~trying to annoy them? Of coz~!
Performed on a stage?:La la la la~.. :p
Talked to someone you don't know?:~den how do you get friendz?
Gone out of your way to befriend someone?:hahaha~ i've been living for nearly 20 yearz~..................
Made out in a theatre?:OMIGOSH
Gone roller skating since 8th grade?:~.. awuah! Rinduku pulang~ all d blisterz d kaki dibuatnya *o*
Been in love?:~..well im in luv now~ <3
* . . Who was the last person to . . *
Say HI to you?:How am i suppose to remember?? Ubd yesterday~...
Tell you, I love you?:~..d sweet li'l blue bunny <3>
Kiss you?:family~.. my nini?
Hug you?:family oso~ my aunty ysterday~
Tell you BYE?:Was yesterday~......suhailla? Wait, wy do i av to write diz thingz anyway?
Write you a note?:Ngalih ku eh~
Take your photo?:Doyah bulat~!! haha~ dat one i remember~ so sakai ambil gmbar di ubd ysterday~
Call your cell phone?:Zoel~.. :D Yay~! Kna lanja dimsum~!!
Buy you something?:Dimsum?~
Go with you to the movies?:SIMPSONZ~!!!! ~+Mahirah+Zoel+Ipin+Ella~...
Sing to you?:My annoying li'l bro and sis HAHA~ love to tease me a lot~! still love them tho :D
Write a poem about you?:Wow.....................adakah? Nda ingat aa~...
Text message you?:Longlong <3>
Touch you?:annoying li'l sis~ wit her annoying tone "kaka pu3 tesayang~I love u bebeh~y don u love me bebeh~?
* . . What's the last . . *
Time you laughed?:Yesterday~ laughing at my own drawingz of Suhailla as a huge bikini elephant n her bf Zoel as a tini tiny li'l ant
Time you cried?:I HATE YOU ZUHRI!!!!!!!!!!!!
Movie you watched?:The Simpsonz~!! So brabez cali~!!
Joke you told?:Im LAME~!! :P I don tell jokez~..JUz love to annoy ppl
Song you've sang?:~"This is my now~"... Love that song!
Time you've looked at the clock?:Juz now?
Drink you've had?:~nescafe.. SO ADDICTED TO IT
Number you've dialed?:Longlong~... <3
Book you've read?:I hate bookz~ *jokin*
Food you've eaten?:Butter prawn lasnyt~ oh heaven~!
Flavor of gum chewed?:~... minty mentos gum :D Kimah bagi
Shoes you've worn?:Sport shoes~ I get gauk wit it
Store you've been in?:...somewhere in lambak msa luch ysterday~...
Thing you've said?:"Awu~ ku bangun udah mami~!!" *o*
* . . Can You . . *
Write with both hands?:Im only lefthanded dear~..
Whistle?:Do i? Love to compete dat with my pet bird Manja
Blow a bubble?:Haha~ Im sick of doin dat actually p still love to do dat evrytime i chew a gum
Roll your tounge in a circle?:CAN U DO DAT??
Cross your eyes?:~I juz did..
Touch your tounge to your nose?:Are you kidding??!!
Dance?:I suck *_*
Gleek?:Watz dat?
Stay up a whole night without sleep?:NEver actually~ atleast 30mins sleep ada ler msa scout dulu ngan c Mahirah di HQ
Speak a different language?:..Japanese~.. still not fluent wit it eventho im in my 3rd year oredi~
Impersonate someone?:wat?
Prank call people?:Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmm~heheheehehehehehe~
Make a card pyramid?:Dat was a long time ago~!!
Cook anything?:Garlic bread wit sunny side up egg~ slurp!
* . . Finish The Line . . *
If i were a ...:boy~... Would thingz change?
I wish ...:I could sort out and finish all my tasks~ N let my year go the way i UK........i hope..............
So many people don't know that ...:Im actually an alien?? Yes im weird, so wat??!!
I am ...:I am who i am, & i wan ppl to accept me the way it is
My heart is ...:Beating?? Yeah~ im still alive~..
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