Thursday, 2 August 2007

Dat Moran Juz Wont Change~!!!!

I've been carrying d pain too long~! How could he do diz to me?! WHY? WHY? WHY?
Is it bcoz dat he was born for me to hate? Itz been yearz evasince the last tym i saw him~ & he'z still the same??? Wat the hell???????????????????????????????!!!!!

Wow~ i cant believe this kind of guy actually exist in diz world i noe~ & he's still alive?? We are no longer kidz 4 godz sake!!!! Watz wrong wit him? Wat is he?? What wuz I thinking??? "Trying to sort things way in a better way~"

So, WAT? ENEMIES FOR LIFE?! - i guess so~

~ I thought~ now dat we've grown~ we could be friends~ I WAS WRONG!! How long has it been~? Since I was 12?? DAT LONG??~ LLllloong story~ oh well~ at least his existance made my life more interesting~ yah, so non other den d one & only~..................................................

Get off my life~

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