Wednesday, 8 August 2007


Im sick & tired of this feeling~ The feeling of loneliness~..somehow~.. Eversince I got into UBD? I miss my friends~.. Haha~ as if they’re not in UBD~ macam tah terjumpa~ HardyHarHar~.. Sigh~.

It has been so long~ ever since i felt so glad to be at home~ it totally brings back that Stprian feelingz~ so LIFELESS~!!! I CANT TAKE THIS~!! AND~ IM STILL IN BRUNEI???

Every time I arrived home~ I plopped onto my bed facing the ceiling~ & started to wonder~ what were the thingz I’ve been doin’ that made me really tired ani kan? The walk? The talk?~ Not just that, sometingz missing~ someonez missing~ Some of those ppl im totally in love with~ my bestfriendz~ sigh, if only they could join me in UBD oso~

Der were doz tymz~ I imagined their presence there~ haha *Kachian jua eh*~ but yah seriously~ I MISS THEM SO MUCH~!! Especially Hadee’z annoying sarcastic behaviour!!! Haha~ same goes to Ipin~his silliness~ & I miss Zai~ her sweet personality~ & Longlong~ as loving as ever~ & Zoel~ who alwez care. Sigh~ Well~.. Im so happy to know Mahirah & Suhailla are in UBD for now tho~ juz that~ L we’re taking different courses~! Pyah kan cari dorang~! & dey’re busy wit their own thing now~..

“Im on my own now~..”

Why do I have to keep thinkin’ that way? I do have some of my friends with me~ Maybe itz juz not the same~ Is it the fact I hang out with girls only?? Yah~ I got some really big problem here~ im more comfortable with guy friends~ WHY IS THAT??~ Man, bertapa seksanya di Stpri~ rasakan latup wa~!! With girls, I tend to be really malu~ I donno why~ their sensitivity?? I mean~ with Guyz~~ kan malu? TERKARANG~!! Haha~ well, certain guys saja~ :P I still keep on wondering all this years~ TOMBOY??

People said itz a funny thing to think that way~ IS THERE SOMETHING WRONG WITH ME??~ Some people just jumped into a conclusion that~ maybe im a LESBIAN because of my love for Zai~ haha~ IM NOT~! I just love her so much thatz all. Haha~ everyone thinks so tho~ I don’t care~!! IM STRAIGHT, thatz one thing for sure~

I asked my guy friends what they think of me~ I can be so~girly~, I can be tomboy~, I can be really childish~ n n~ umm awkay, all that. My behavior change with different people~ “A girl with many faces”~ which is totally not good~.. Nah, I don’t tink ppl would agree with that.

Hmm~ how do I describe myself anyway~? Hehehe~ ‘perempuan yang nda tau malu’~ What the heck, ‘perempuan yang nda tau malu~ ytah orang yang paling bahagia tu~’~ I think I’ve been saying this many timez oredi~ :P *APAKAN?*

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