Friday, 28 September 2007

Fresher's Week~!! Day 1

Awkay~ fresher’s week~!!! Siok kli ah~ So many things to do what~?! Sayang eh I missed banyak event ~ the greatest thing about last week~ new frenz~!!! Guess wat? I actually found some of the Bruneianz~!!! Unless of course non of them are undergraduate like me - sad~ I still have to go around Uni alone~ ahahah~ Na la. Sigh, also having problems bout not getting any internet~

Imagine~ fresher’s week! A whole week full scheduled of fun and entertainment!! Free movies at the cinema VUE every night for a week!! Umm~ free food hell everywhere~ Amusement park free entry for freshers, all the fresher’s fayres~!! There’s lots of other activities I am unable to join~ mostly~ BEERS &PARTIES~ :p:p:p Im not liking the fact to be in a catered hall with all other orang putih~ They go party all the way~!! Just yesterday~ some group of guys knocked on my door for 2 days inviting for a party in the basement~ Ahah, i just came back from the lochness trip that day, so tired wat~ to think dat I might have gone to the party if I wasn’t that tired enough ya noe.
Oh yah~ oh yah~ im living in a mixed flat with sharing shower and toilet~ Sick man!! I would rather stay in my room all day room~ There’s a sink in my room which makes things more convenient than I thought~ so unless I wna use the toilet, there’s no way im gonna go out of my room~!haha~ kachian jua eh~ bah bah, most of my frenz are in self catered flat~ which meanz~ I will never go into my room unless itz time to go to sleep haha~ sigh,

Bah back from the start of fresher’s week~17th Sept~ I met a happy go lucky pwen named Bruna from Brazil~! Still my only fren in Adam Smith house til now aha~ Went 2 the Uni together~ went on a tour around Uni – king’s college~ n derz where I met another BRUNEIAN and MALAYSIAN~!!! Aha~ yah itz one of the greatest thing last week – getting to noe Yachee (she’s a CHINESE BRUNEIAN btw~ wat the heck, IMAGINE HOW HAPPY & EXCITED I WAS WEN I FOUND OUT WE BOTH CAME FROM THE SAME COUNTRY) ~ and Ros, she’s a malaysian~ muslim – I went & talk to her wen I saw her pink tudung aha~ Anyhow, thatz how our friendship startz~ n we get along REALLY WELL now~ which is a good thing :D eventho they’re postgraduates and they live far in self catered keith house, atleast I have somewhere to be with, to hang out with now~ n it feels so~comfortable to be with them~ Oh n both of them are in the same flat with Yoko from Japan and Lihwa from China~
The 1st day of fresher’s week is REALLY COLD AND WINDY~ we went thro Seaton Park from Uni to Hillhead~ the place is so colourful and beautiful~ there’s some eventz set up around the king’s college~ ahah, bananas are everywhere~!!! But so many things to do so li’l time~

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