Wednesday, 12 September 2007

New Journey~ New World~..

So~ mmm… Where do I start? Itz been 3 days ever since I first arrive in Aberdeen~ D place is great~!!! So beautiful~!! :D:D:D:D And most of the people here are very nice and friendly. Awkay awkay~ back from the day of my departure~.

6th September
The day has finally come~! Travelling for an oversea study alone far far away in the North of Scotland. “Why so far away??” Haha~ we’ll see. I donno what am I gonna face, who am I gonna meet, where am I going~ but im cant wait~!! At 1st naik the plane alone~sitting in between org putihs lagi~my gosh! Galak rasanya wa~.. Sebelah ku ani lagi couple~mushy mushy muah muah~ urgh!! Made me feel even worst. I cant stop my self from letting out a soft cry~ feeling so lonely and helpless~.. so LOST! While everyone around me read their newspaper and magazinez~ i kept on starring at the photos of my family and frenz, scanning every detailz~ "I HAVE TO BE STRONG~!!"

From the departure at 7.30pm, i arrived at Dubai at 3.30am~ (wuz 11.30pm there)~ transit~ nasib baik Naem ada~ So aku ikut ia la~ with his gang~ (they're under RBA fyi).. Den go back to the plane~ DATZ WEN THE FUN START :D:D~ My uncle was incharge of flying the plane from Dubai to London diz time~! Yah, it was all planned out~ so that he could help me in Aberdeen for 1 day. It was so COOL wat?!! Aku duduk di tempat pilot bleh liat uncle taking off the plane~ hehe~ lucky me.

getting sleepy, i was allowed to sleep in the bussiness class~yay!!Sakai ani wa~ahaha~ N der i coincedencely met my senior MS frenz zimah~WAA!I had the greatest time then~ Watching Surf up and Some comedic movie~ having fun talking with zimah, makan makan~.. Den arrive at London~around 6.30am :( say goodbye to Zimah sigh. Ikut Naem lagi~ glad berabis eh drang ada~ my uncle aher kluar dat time~

After all that, ABERDEEN~!!! Me and my uncle - domestic flight at 1.30pm~ and arrive there after an hour~ Fuh~ FINALLY~!!!

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