Sunday, 2 September 2007

Especially 4 you~

Sigh, miss Zai all of the sudden~ oh, made diz video for her last birthday~ yah i noe, the video z quite fast~ i did it on purpose pulang~ Mmm~ why did i? Gagas kot?

My 2nd video i think~ ku tmbahkan subtubtitle g tu~ saja mo cuba~ teruk terpulang haha :P Adui~............... I still love my 1st video 'Life with Friendz' , wlaupun not that good p nyaman jua ati evrytime mliat~ haha~..

'Especially 4 you'~ im not done with it actually~ but well~.. terkana malas kan haha~ Im planning to make another video~ im hoping this time i include ALL the videoz i have~ fuh, wish me luck~ P~.. wait, we'll see 1st la T_T im going to start my new life in Aberdeen next week~alone..~! Ingau jua ati ey~..

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