Thursday, 30 October 2008

D happening~.. *_*

D weather is getting really cold now~... ahhhh nothingz better than a nice hot shower in a dead cold weather doncha tink? :) bcoz of that, i tend to be late for classes more frequently! Bukan main lama dalam jamban ahhh~.. XD

~.... At the moment, i have to prepare a new poster for our Nippon Connections Japanese film festival event :D yes i know, our society is pretty active no? To think it was only published last year, im pretty proud of it!~ i lap u Dodi chan and Sumei! (their effort as the president and vice president are pretty amazing!)

We had our 2nd Onigiri sale a weeks ago, and i would say it was better than before, we gained quite a good profit out of it.
Being the one incharge of interacting with the customers is really fun ;P although i did get tired for talking too much.
This year, besides onigiri, we were selling SUSHI too :) the reason why a hell lot ppl came today actually. It was good~... Dodi chan so rajin - decorating all the onigiri and sushi with stickers - turning them into cute faces :D Awww... look at all the sushi~ dengan mata2nya ah XD cute kali ahhhh~ u want? 1.50 only~
Our early customers~! We sell from 11am to 3pm~ but 12pm was the peak, we ran out of sushi at 1pm, ytah many late comers complained about it.
But itz an Onigiri sale, not sushi sale! Look at the poster - see??!

Oh well~ still im glad. There's people askng whether we could sell japanese food more frequently, but itz not that easy!

D members who worked in the kitchen that day yang paling teruk, they have to keep making onigiri over and over since the onigiri goes out quickly. I solute you all!!
Thank you for working hard ;D
At the end of the day, the piggy coupon box was full~! We had made good fortune hohoho~..
But lalah ehhhh~ what a day~.. like Ben-ben, i slept on the seat at the end of the day as well.

The new members are really helpful ;) everyone made a good cooperation. One ended the day with a smile ;) and beautiful sweet smelling flowers.

Owh~ we had our 1st Workshop last 2 weeks~ Origami!! Just a paper folding event~..
But still~ the amount of people came filled up the room~!!
Im so happy that a lot of people interested in these kind of stuffz ;) more and more members joined our society, itz getting really big somehow :) altho, im not sure what will happen when Dodi have to step out from the group one day..

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