Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Snow in the middle of Autumn~ *_* happened this morning =,= I woke up late this morning when i thought my Community ecology practical would start at 9am! But thatz the thing about having 4 courses with practicals (some every week, some every 2 weeks), I get confuse easily! *_*
I dont like practicals, they're long and tiring. But it definitely better than having to do essays and reports ;P
Anyway, i dont care what u think about the drawings tho, this is my 1st try out ba..give chance laa.. Owh and that crow in the last drawing is saying "Paka paka" - it supposed to be "Baka baka" actually oppz :P Nobitatu punya pasal.
The 1st snow came down this morning, so everything is covered in white~ lupaku lukis snowbah lalala~... anyway, after d call, i went straight back home (another 10min walk). With the sense of relieve, looking at our snowy garden (Yes,we also have our very own garden;)) got me excited and rolled myself all over the snow~..sampatku gambar lagi hehe

A lovely day of freedom ;)

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