Sunday, 19 October 2008

Pu3'z very 1st posterz *_*

Starting this semester, Im holding d position as the publisher of Nippon Connection society~ advertising the public - freak me out a li'l bit actually, i draw and decorate stuffz but im not the type who uses photoshop!! I did warn my president,Dodi about diz *_* tho i was willing to take the risk! It was my very 1st time to make these kind of posters...
Takutla apa orang kan cakap, but it turned out no complains wlupun itz not that good :) fuhhh~

My 1st poster~ 2nd poster (last minute work)
I handed in d 2nd poster pretty late, Dodi was not happy at all~ :( I feel really bad, I have always been the latest one (selalu kana marah mahirah msa equinox dulu jua *_* sorrryyyy) I hope i would stop making there kind of mistakes~ i just have to tryyyy harrdeerrrr
(lemme put in d thankU post i've typed in on d 11/10/08)

After a long summer holiday~ Nda sangka Dodi and Peter masih ingatkan aku~ they gave me gifts~ :) Thank you~ thank you~
Peter bought me a note book and photo book~ with all our pictures in it!! Im loving it so much! So happy ^_^ I’ve always wanted to make these kind of things.

Never thought Peter would give me as my birthday gift! D photo book is like a photo album story book ;) and my funny face sana sini inside, calilahhh~ but as itz d best gift as a kenangan~..

Owh owh~ n Dodi brought some goodies n gifts for everyone from Japan! I got cute notebook n cookies from her :) Ada devil printed on d cookie~! Rasa sayang kan dimakan~ but I just did haha. Once again~ thank you for the gifts u two~!!

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