Saturday, 25 October 2008

Gettin' ready for Uni~ *_*

Wooohooo~!! Finally~!!! Internet at home~!!! I really do hope i could update my blog more often...but couldnt express my real thoughts well :P buruk bah, thus i posted more picz den words, boreng ah..

Owh, i should have posted this a long time ago, p nda jua sampai-sampainya:

11th October 2008

Hi everyone~

let me try to update whatz new & whatz not. Im a 2nd year Marine Biology Undergraduate now~! Alhamdullilah this time I am sponsored by the government n manage to continue my study in University of Aberdeen.

Itz been uhh~ 3 weeks since I came back from Brunei… n my utak is still not working very well yet :P
Not much different in 2nd year, except Im having 4 course per semester instead of 3 this time~.. and worst - 4 practicals in 1 week aarrrgghhhh.

Im living with 2 of my Malaysian friends, Alin and Fairus, in a very nice 2storey house. I can even see the ocean from my window :D yup, im loving it so much! My lovely room
The hallway~ (Alin's big room upstairs) Kitchen (Just infront of my room)Living room
20min walk to Uni tho, thatz d down side of it~ so.. I BOUGHT A BIKE!!~.. Hehe, imagine me cycling down to Uni, Im still not used to it. Yah, itz all down hill, so going to Uni is quite a luxury~ but going home is hell. I wont complain, I think itz better that way.
Since this year is my last honeymoon year, I hope to make d most of it and gain more experience ;) hopefully meeting more good friends as well~ ….waaaahhh, cant wait!

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