Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Doraemon's ending *_*

I finally got my all-in-one hp printer,scanner&copier from Ka Faizah yesterday~ Now i get to print notes and scan drawings~!! :D:D:D I did say about wanting to have a comic diary in my blog before, now i can do it anytime i want!!


At the end, Im not sure anymore~...
Fine fine~ i go back to photo diary la again~ hohoho :P Nothing much interesting happen lately tho, we just had a lot of Nippon Connections activities.. And with the bruneians - meeting up and hanging out have turned into our daily routine nowadays.

Owh, itz Ryanz 22th bday today~.. celebrating in his house, large pizzas and playing rock band, itz good enough to call it a day of fun.

Nippon Connections had a trip to Edinburgh few days ago~ It took more den 3hrs bus trip to go for the Japan day in Edinburgh University. Same ol same ol~not much difference den the japan day in aberdeen lastyear. But it was the day where i get to get along with the new members - so i would say the trip was still worth it :) i had so much fun.
26 of us altogether actually~ and only 5 old members joined this trip!

In the bus~ XD on the way back to aberdeen was fun~

And owh~ guess who this is :D
My Nobita-kun! XD mesti bangang orang ni aha~ panjang cetanya~...

Me and him, we argued a lot!!

Anyway..like i said, the Japan day was quite similar like last year~ so.. -_- malaslahku kan gmbar doz yg sama mcm dulu, but derz 1program dat i love that day. Japanese storytelling for children, the kids are so~cute!

At d end of d storytelling, d kids are given papers n colourpencils hahaha~ Nobita and I were d only adult that joined along~ cute kali ahhh berkawan dengan kanak2 jepun, d kids talked to me in Japanese, so i hantam2 sajala ikut2tan bercerita.

Mine and nobita's work of art haha, when all the papers were collected, im sure you have no idea these are actually not drawn by kids. Bukannya main buruk punya lukisanku ah.

P since den Nobita started to call me Doremon *_* nda pernah ku dangar ia pnggil my real name~ anak atu banar..

Just lastnight we chat online. As usual, berkelahi the whole way *_* but he showed me an interesting video.. the ending for Doraemon!! Fine, maybe aku lambat, p mana ku tau kan~ i like the ending :D:D:D ...Itz funny knowing that i've finally get to watch something i've always wanted to see a long time ago.........:)

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