Monday, 5 January 2009

I should keep on studying!!!

Spending the whole day in Liverpool University library with Faridah til 11pm. Only at times like this i started to draw again~:P Im no good at drawing little kids huh? They look older in my drawing -_-'

Next, i took out my digital camera and started drawing Nobita~ :P I suck, my drawings bikin bida, nda sama ani waaa~ T_T Owh well~.. I havent drawn much lately anyway.

Cheers yer'all :)

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PJ said...

Yeah you should be studying... or drawing dissected rats, bats and fishes from memory, consider yourself told off!!:-) Of course you'll be reading this after the exams eh?

Sketch1: Yeah, they will look older if you give the wee lad a cool designer jacket + a Japanese look and the girl legs long enough to make her 2.5m tall (perhaps she is now - looks like a pretty old book). Ps girl's hands are much better than in older sketches!!! Maybe not that accurate a sketch, but its cool!

Sketch2: If the subject complains tell him you made him look much cooler than in real life anyway :-)! Jaw line is accurate, hair ...welll not your fault, camera / head angle - you couldn't get much more difficult to sketch than that... If you'd changed it you'd have got even less work done well done - nice work, but rats' insides would have been more appropriate :-)!!!!


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