Tuesday, 20 January 2009

When will this end?~ *_*

Just finished my 1st exam today~ not bad *_* 2 more to go - sigh.. Macam kana canggak rasanya.. when will this end?

<- Look left, THAT's ME >.< Isnt it horrible? I looked infront of the mirror yesterday, i was like "..my god....baiktah ku mati nah" - haha, nada deh.

Aiya~ a day before exam ba~.. mana lagi berusul. Kan kata belajar last minute inda jua...mun namanya exam, it never failed to torture people. At times like these, I always imagine - if only i could travel thro time and skip my exam *_* Wouldn't it be awesome?

I make used of every moment I have during my break in between studies...... Appreciate berabez haha, yea i've been taking my free living life for granted.

Okla~ I have a confession to make~ ...

I love my new set of baju i bought in liverpool! XD Yay~ Tapuk tangan! Tapuk tangan! Pu3 gone vain!! Tapi orgnya nda bermua hehe~ takpela. Aku bida ^^'

Y do i think im loving it? I kept on drawing that baju baa~ :P Owh~ if only I have a pretty face T_T then i can be my own model. Yea, i can do so many things during these exam period. Rajin enough to get some girl i donno to be my model aha.

Man im feeling so lonely now *_*..

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