Friday, 24 April 2009

Here comes Nobita~ *_*

Wah finally~ after nearly 1 month, we get to see each other again! Nobita just came back from HK last Tuesday.

Just bcoz i never mentioned abt him in my blog while he was gone, u think i dont miss him? Guess again *_*

Look what he brought me from HK(excluding Totoro's food and shampoo)! *_* Makes me feel really BAD because i didnt get him anything (wait, there's 1) in the holiday :( (coz my money was stolen in London)

Nyeh, sweet huh~ Thank you so much T_T im so loving u (n ur parents :P)

Love the Totoro bento set!
*To those ppl with weird thoughts going on, this bento is FOR ME, NOT MY GUINEA PIG -_-' u weird ppl..*
Anyway, i asked Nobita to buy this for me. :P I have a thing for bento set yo \(>_<)/ (OH MY, I STILL OWE HIM 10POUNDS!).

Since my wallet was stolen, he bought me a new one, a DOMO!! XD Woohoo, another cute monster accesory added into my collection! ^o^ (I have a domo coin purse used everyday)

I find it amazing the fact Nobita knows my taste very well :P I guess we just happened to have d same taste budz no?

And i mentioned about d shampoo Nobita bought for Totoro right. Haaaaa~ apanah, we gave Totoro a bath on that very same day XD He had gotten really smelly lately baa~..and let me just tell you this.................
it was really exhausting.

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