Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Essex Bebeh~!! *_*

Wow, come to think of it~.. itz been A YEAR eversince I met Mahirah! Of coz im very happy to see her again, gila rindu kali ahh.

She gained weight hahaha~ but bcoz of that, ia bikin lawa!..... -_- Why am i so flat chested~?

My days with her? Cant you tell?

Around her Uni, we get to feed the duckz, swanz and geese!
D swans came quite unexpectedly :P

Aha~ this one was a good shot. We had peanut butter and Jam with us as well btw XD
:P Look at d expression on our face - Priceless yo! I always thought swans are beautiful and cute, i didnt know they can be big and scary! (Takut kana patuk bahh) Liat tu, sama tinggi mcm Mahirah.
After that, window shopping -_-'~... why do girls love to do these things anyway? Seriously...

The trip to Essex was Awesome!! Thank you so much Mahirah!

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