Friday, 10 April 2009

Itz nice to be Puts again~ *_*

Spent 3days, 3nights in Exeter. This time, there were a group of us.

Hearing my name 'Puts' made me feel like form 6 again haha. Indeed it felt very warm and comfortable.
...At the same time, it also made me teringat the fun we had in the past - *sakit* wah how things have changed.

But hey, i didnt say im not having fun masa ani! I had the greatest time with them. It very nice to meet dorang Hisyam, adib and Jai again~ siok berkenalan ngan drg Zimah and Khai jua \(^^)/ (Omg, gf c adib is so~cute)

D Bruneian ambukz in Exeter :) my FAVOARITE. (cool kali ah)
Ok la, things we did...(yada yada yada~)
Went around the city~ and to the beach.

Their Uni campus area is so~ BASAR! Reminds me of UBD but this 1 berbukit, lalah yo.
I thought about my Uni, how different it is from theirs. Its very GREY (with streets n buildings) back in Aberdeen, whereas Exeter Uni looks so naturally green and lively. Nyeh, every Uni is unique in their own way. ^^
Spent d days jalan2~ spent the nights watching movies. It was worth it (*o*) Lama udah i didnt feel so homely.

Sekali lagi, aku berterima kasih banyak-banyak kepada tuan puan punya rumah di Exeter for all the hospitality, makanan nyaman and siok-mliat-rumah-kamu-lawa *dingdong*.

Zimah, bajumu pun lawa ;)

Abez tia

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