Saturday, 8 August 2009

My 1st day in Japan!!

Dear family and friends!!

I finally reached Japan!!! Gladly its not as hot as Hong Kong (at night) :P

After 1 whole year, me and Nao got together again~ and she will be sticking around with us for a week before me&Jerry are going to Hokkaido.
Anyway, we fly to Japan from Hong Kong using Northwest Airline (wrong pic of plane taken below hehe)
The journey took about 3hours, we took of at 8.15am, and arrived in Japan 1.35pm. The time in Japan in 1hour ahead from Hong Kong and Brunei.
In the plane. zzZZZ

While Jerry's sleeping, i tried to revise my 3year Japanese class notebooks
Arriving Tokyo Narita, we straight away took the train to Ikebukuro (changing trains 3times)
Good thing Jerry been to Japan many times

We have planned to meet Nao in the station near our accommodation. After putting stuffs into our Weekly Mansion with Nao, we went to see ikebukuro

And its raining heavily~ *_* urrgghhhh


Everyone get to make their own okonomiyaki!! :)


Den we went to the 8 floor GAME CENTRE

End of Day 1 Japan! ^^


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