Sunday, 2 August 2009

Anime Convention - Hong Kong Day 6

My very 1st time!

The event was held in Hong Kong convention and exhibition centre for 5days.

Of coz i wouldnt want to miss this opportunity to attend :P I have 6 more days in HK anyway~
Guess what i bought~
A bunny hat! ^_^ so the very cute right?!
Bought an Arale hat as well~ ^_^

But then i prefer to stick with the bunny 1
Other stuffs~
Anime food
Love the Mimo Figurines ^^
We found a CHEAP yukata~ so i bought it straight away (was planning to buy 1 for the Natsu Matsuri festival in Japan, but expensive there). Tarus dipakai ani baa~ many ppl were wearing their newly bought stuffs anyway~..
Taking pictures with the cosplayers~
Towards the end of the day~...
Back to Jeri's home. Realised that Kelly n Nana went to the ani-con as well~.. Turned out that she bought a similar pink bunny hat! Wah, same taste no?

End of day 6

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