Saturday, 15 August 2009

Pu3 and her potions

1st of all,

I would like to give a birthday greeting to little sister
DK. Zayanorliyana~

Best of luck for your upcoming A level examination! Hopefully u have done your art project ahhh~ Im not sure apa kan balikan ko~ *_* bajuan harajuku yang ko suka mahal ba. We'll see, we'll see~..

Anyhu~... I start collecting cans here in Japan. Apparently you can buy FINAL FANTASY POTIONS for only 100-300yen!! (the cost of normal drinks).

I like this 1 the most (n its only 100yen!)~ its a combination from nearly all the final fantasies~ but Clouds not in it :( I couldnt find my Cloud anywhere~...

I have also bought One Piece

and Kitaro

i could bring them all home safely....

Anyway, im going to Hokkaido tomorrow for 2 weeks, we'll see whether there's internet available or not~ if not, owh well :P
Wait for me!!!

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