Sunday, 1 November 2009

White Crazy Lenses

Halloween is coming~... and i wanna be different this year! No more cute cute puffy bunny meow!

...wait, i planned to be a meow bunny again this year actually - searched for Cat Eye contact lens online, and found this uk website. The cat eye one so~ damn expensive want to die!

Buang frust, I ended up buying this White Crazy Lenses instead.

Upon its arrival, i give it a try.

This is how i look wearing it~!My nose is so big! - ok ignore that please.

*Cap on!*
Nice nice~ i guess it would be great if i put on some fake blood!

*That night*
Buy a set of Halloween make up + fake blood

*Next day* - Halloween morning (Before going for class)

Waaaaaaaaaa~ WHY SO SCARY?!!



*Gasa gasa gasa*

Next post
Halloween Pictures!

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