Thursday, 12 November 2009

Pu3 and her Cartoon-self

Memories of happiness~ ahhhhhh~.. such a sweet feeling to smile upon. Yea~ im still full of life~ although I get a handful of assignments nowadays, atleast I still get to dream whenever I want. (^_^)

I had a wonderful chat on the phone with both of my best friends this week~ *smile widely*. Crazy, not that Im not happy for having a special someone now :P But eversince long back in Brunei, I have always been in love.

'They say best friends are hard to find, that's because the best are already mine'

Although we are world apart, the bond and the memories are always there. :')

Okay. Lets change the channel:

Like my drawing? \(^_^)/ Its been a long time I havent colour the whole thing using photoshop. Im not that good arr~ That's me by the way, I tried to copy my face on the right. I guess the hair is a bit too thick huh. And uhhh~ yea yea my nose is so much bigger in real life yada yada yada~ :P
Come on la, my nose is not that big
Jerry="No, it is really THAT big"
*POWW* Go dieAbove are the steps of colouring process. To tell the truth, I love the sketch without colour.
Everyone agree with me? ^^

Other that my drawings, of course my picture kana photoshop as well. Ada different right. Atleast :P I didnt change my face la~.. People (who havent seen me for a long time) said my picture in blog now is so much different, and assumed everything is photoshopped~ I have edited the colour and quality, but didnt kacau the face la. My friends who see me now didnt see much different la.

Owh and why I love to change the colour contrast? To blend in my blog la XD You see my blog so bright, colourful and cartoony right hehe.

How I do it?
I show you here what i use in photoshop. ->
So damn easy way to make yourself look better.

You girls should try this out, im sure you will start loving it. :) 'Brightness and contrast' and 'exposure' can kacau the quality. But 'Selective Color' is a good one.
Go try! try!

Why I post about this?
My Amazon package have arrived! Its the 'Style School Illustration and Instruction' book I ordered.
*A peek inside*
Im quite dissapointed, only 1/4 of this book contains tutorial, 75% others are all illustrations (and some of them are not that good really) :( Aiyo


::amalzaf:: said...

wesehhh!! thank you thank you pu3=) but i stilll wonder, ur blog font lawa brabisssss!!;)

**~Pu-3~** said...

Ah your welcome :) *scratching head coz i did nothing much XD* My font? Really? Thats new haha, its only verdana - 1 of d fixed limited amount of fonts in blogspot :P I really wish i could use my fav font in my blog, but donno how yet.

::amalzaf:: said...

tapi kan, macam cool wah jadinya pat ur blog paakai verdana ah, maybe sal macam smoothen atu kalii:P

nusantara said...

Hei Pu3, the best blog ever, reading them make anti relex, cos the work here gila..berabis...keep a gud work..Anti Nusantara

mizarwen said...

1/7 only have d tutorial in it?boy, dts reli disappointed bnr. i kinda sucks on coloring my drawing. i duno how to draw using adobe cs. kinda complicated to use. have u eva try mangastudio program? if u know how to use ds two program to color d drawing i reli lyk to learn from u ;) ahaks..

**~Pu-3~** said...

[Amalzaf] thankz :) i think its because i increase d size of the fonts for my blog~ bigger fonts tend to get people's attention since they're easier to read (not that i want ppl to notice my bad english hehehehe but what to do?)

**~Pu-3~** said...

[Nusantara] AUNTIE! HOMAIGADDDD!! Kajutku eh, baik jua aku nda pengsan hahaha. Terima kasih banyak banyak~ Tapi kan anti~ dalam blog ku ani aku mengusut saja bah keraja ku, cana bleh anti relax terpulang dibuatnya?

'Nusantara'~.... hehehehehe~.. kirim salam eh :P :P :P

**~Pu-3~** said...

[mizarwen]Yup, it is dissapointing, mahal lagi tu buku ah *sniff*

Yea, using photoshop is very complicated, itz really hard for me to work it out, thatz y i cant really help other people. :( But youtube 'Photoshop Tutorial' will surely help you! Type 'Manga Colouring' and hopefully u get the types of tutorial you wanted! Ganbatte! :D

I heard about mangastudio, its kinda pricey isn't it? *0* I wish i could have it, but for now, photoshop is enough :) there's more to learn!

kimberly said...

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