Monday, 9 November 2009

Scared of Pu3

Its been a week since Halloween~ i cant believe its still there.. that scariest face you never thought you would ever see in the mirror....

Me, I'm scared of myself.

I've always tried to look cute, but not this time. "Why not try something~.. ..different?.." I never thought that 'something' had given a great impact on everyone :P I have scared my friends away!!

Good? Bad?

It was a night to remember :)

My favoarite Halloween photo!! Amazing not?!
Owh btw, all these first few photos are taken by Sa and Nano. They dressed up soo~ the very cute this year!! XD

More photos~..
At Syaz's place
Owh how I love this photo!
Be scared... Be very scared.....

Nippon Connections Halloween Festival!
Photo taken by Peter

Lightz off watching Gegege no Kitaro
After movie, COSPLAY competition!
Woohoo~ No.2 baby!

*Lots of Love*

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