Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Pu3's 1st solo trip to Hong Kong!!

Dear family and friends ^^

After 3hours flight, Pu3 had finally arrived to Hong Kong! As promised, I tried to update my blog during my trip as often as possible :)

-_-' I tried to make a simple post but i couldnt help myself! There's so many things to be sakai about :P Sadly, towards the end of the day I didnt take any more pictures due to tiredness.

Bah ok ah, i start!

Approaching HK~.. so many islands!
Met Jerry at the airport.But then, there's so many things to see in the airport (including museums, cinema & arcade)!~ So we decided to look around for a while before going to the city.

We went into the Asia Hollywood Museum
Owh owh~ This is 1 of the things in HK I am so VERY SAKAI about.
Gashapon (Capsule toy?) everywhere!
Surely there's many in Japan as well

Walked around the food corner.
Saw plastic food menu. Sakai again!!
And these are all taken in the airport.
After that barutah go to the city. We took a 25min train ride, then 15min free shuttle bus to Jerry's flat at Whampoa gardenIts 1 of the main shopping area in HK. After meeting Jerry's family, we went off to look around.
So many Japanese shops :P pretty cheap too!

At night, Jerry's family invite me to eat out in a Sushi restaurant ^_^ The salmon sushi were sooo good!
Back to Jerry's place, I taught Jerry's 10-year-old sister Kelly and her maid Nana how to play congkak (my present to them from home) :P
Nyeh it was nice! Jerry's family is very friendly, :) Im very thankful that his family is letting me stay at their place.


cornvee said...

Welcome to HK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

Zayas(: said...

'WOW SEXY' - yaka
'AKU MAU AKU MAU!! AKU SUKA POOP!!!' if ada bantal or tupi poop aku mauuuuu(or bag nyaa!!) xDDDDDD!!!!!' - mal xDD

Mahirah said...

wahhhh siokkk

have fun!!!

jaga diri dang!

**~Pu-3~** said...

[Convi] :D Will be meeting u soon!!

[Mlina] Laiii~ banyak barang poop sini juaa~ :P banar ahhh~ aku post pictures dalam blog kalau kamu suka kah nda nanti. Klau suka baruku balikan.

[Mahirah]Mahhiiiiraahh 1st time ni eh kana comment oleh kawanku di sni hahaha. Ok, thankx yaw.Kalau minta kirim apa2 gtau saja

LoveStory said...

i know bth udah but i still like that poo poo phone dangly thingy!! i hope i found it somewhere dBrunei ani xP ahaha


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