Saturday, 14 February 2009

V-day~ *_*

Valentinez day~... what can i say ahh?? I got tempted by the all the chocolates sold sana sini~ so nyeh~.. i bought a whole bag of them. :P and of coz, i couldnt just eat it all by myself \(>.<)/

So YAY~ v-day choco for everyone!

Chocolatez for the Brudonianz~ (ehe, there'z only 5 of us, p sorang atu belabeh bah)
And chocolatez for Nobita~! (and end up aku yang makan \(^o^)/ hohoho)
~.. ありがとう のびた くん!! Aku suka~ :)

And thatz not all~ Guess what we bought on that very same day! (*o*)

A guinea pig~!!

His namez Totoro (sama kali ahh)~ and... still doesnt like me at the moment :( hope we will get along very well one day~..

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