Tuesday, 24 February 2009

My guinea pig hates me~ *_*

Sigh~ :puteh_25: im not happy about my guinea pig Totoro~.. he's not liking me at all~ so saddd~ :puteh_24:

Its been a week since Totoro came home and lived in my room~ yet he's still afraid of me~ runs away from me everytime~ it really hurts~ i hope he will change one day~

Totoro~ yup, he's cute and furry~ tapi sentiasa takut-takut T_T

His fav place - somewhere unreachable~.... itz annoying~

He ran under Nobita's bed last time~:puteh_3: the bed is so rendah, i thought i might gt stuck there forever~..but nyeh, i didnt. But i twisted my arm a lil, thanx to u my lovable Totoro~..

Awu~ aku kusut berabiz ni~ Please la~ i wanna love you~..

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