Thursday, 19 August 2010

17 hours in London Heathrow Airport

I flew from Aberdeen in the afternoon and reach London at 5pm.
Saw a magnificent view of Aberdeen from the plane.
Then I meet up with my good friend Zoel at Terminal 4.
Zoel and I have been friends since high school (^_^) let's say we clicked because of our drawing interest.
There's not much to see in Terminal 4, and we didn't bother to go out into London.
We just hungout and did every random things we could before Sungkai (fast break).
Random things such as writing postcards, drawing, colouring, teasing and of course, chatting. 
Writing a postcard especially for someone *wink*

Then it's Sungkai dinner time! (Around 8.30pm I think)

 Around 2am..
If you're asking whether it was comfortable... Ugh, what do you think?
The thing is - I slept through the whole night! 
I mean the reason why I didn't plan to go out and stay in Brunei Hall is because I prefer spending the night hanging out with my friend! 
But I ended up leaving Zoel alone taking care of my stuffs while I was asleep T_T I tried to stay awake everytime I woke up, but I fell back asleep! 
I mean Zoel came the whole way to accompany me bahh (of course I paid for his transport),  Im so sorry Zoel~ T_T

Zoel woke me up like 7.20am in the morning to make sure I check in for my 9.40am flight. I then realised he didn't sleep at all! So I asked him to sleep while I queue to check in.
When I came back, he was really sleeping.
It must have been a boring lonely night for you T_T Im glad you brought your laptop, but this was not what we planned right?! 
Although you look so ganas and mentel, I think you're one of the sweetest guy I've ever known :') 
Bah girls? Anyone interested? :P Go ahead! He's single and available! ;) *wink wink*

 I am very grateful Zoel!
Then, the 16hours flight. 
Arrived home in Brunei 10am in the morning. 
Home Sweet Home ^_^

Finally be able to meet my lovely family!...Except for my other younger sister Yana, who just enrolled in Lim Kok Wing University in Kuala Lumpur. 

Happy happy ending.

To end this post, 
Here's photo of my two youngest sibblings... yang perasan kiut berabez. (@o@) *puke*

You must be wondering why my li'l sister wore her tudong and I didnt. :P
*Blushes* I should practice it now that its Ramadhan. 


LoveStory said... sweet! ahaha sunyi bnr kh klu mlm rh airport nya ah..mcm sunyi..mcm..ahaha xP

neways, welcome home~! xD

Pu3 said...

Awuu malam2 sunyi! And I thought London never sleeps lol.

Tekkaus said...

OMG! 17 hours is like...almost a day. :/

Dolce♥Bunny said...

My gosh~!! He is like a guy version of you! You two so cute ^^ His drawing is amazing!!!!! and he is sooooo nice.
Lucky you had a safe trip home. your family must be really realy happy to see you! kekeke ^^

Pu3 said...

[Dolce bunny] yep you got that right, I think he's really the guy version of me(which is why we're never more than friends LOL). We're actually relatives which somehow explains the similarity. :P

MizArWeN said...

erghhhh...17hrs of waiting? sangal tu beb. den uve to sleep on chairs, if i were u sho got body cramp tu. lol. bt so glad u arrive home safely :)

btw, Zoel's drawing more action eh. its so nyc to hv a fren who shares same interest wf u, huh. i dun hv one.only on9 TT boohooo~

d440 said...

Can't wait to go homeeeee....

JIPP said...

wahh, great family you've got there. Enjoy ur home holiday pu3! P/s:17 hours at the airport? WOW.

Lily said...

Woah. 17 hours? O: That's a super long time.

Zoel said...

awwww..thanks alot for this post. I really really appreciae it :D but the advertising was unneccesary. You're welcome putri. I've taken care of you for as long as I can remember so its fine xD You were meant to sleep as I stay up. Your will power to stay up longer isn't as strong as mine to begin with ;D

d440 said...

No wonder that postcard I got looked familiar, you wrote about it in your blog. lol, thanks pu3.

Disturbing photo, I'll write you one if I get back. Just give me your brunei/arbedeen

Pu3 said...

[d440] Yay~ im glad you received itt (^_^) Awesome card kann~ Ehh i thought i gave you my address already booo~ ...or didnt i?

[Zoel] Awwwwwwwww~ :) thanx for the comment maynn

Anonymous said...

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