Thursday, 12 August 2010

Lomo by Ada

Photos from my friend Ada
And I'm loving them!
 All of these were taken during our last Easter holiday in Belfast and Dublin. One of the best holidays I've ever had~..All thanks to Ada, Ipin and Shazleen. ^^

Thank you for letting me post your photos into my blog ^_^
Hopefully I get to meet you soon babe!
And to all muslims out there, selamat berpuasa! ^^
Here in uk, the fasting time is from 3.30am to 9.00pm

Lots of love!


Tekkaus said...

I love all the photos too. :D

d440 said...

Inda ko bali lomo camera pu3? Its the new trend dBrunei and I think it really suites your style.

Btw, aku inda suka your new layout... :P

Ken said...

i like lomos but they are a little pricey

Pu3 said...

[dd40] Lomo is a new trend? Wasnt it so~ last year?
And..... Eeewww hadeeee you expect me to follow the trend??? You know me right, im like the person who always try to do things outside the trend :P A weirdo will always be a weirdo, duh.

And yea me too ;( i hate my new layout, view thro iphone macam cacat my blog. I think its just a temporary template for now until i think of somethIng original.

Lily said...

Looks fun. :D

Pu3 said...

[tekkaus] yep~ pretty awesome right, no need to photoshop nice already ;D

[ken] i dont think all lomo camera are that pricey, Its pretty expensive buying online from uk ;D but its quite cheap in asia lol, ok maybe d quality is not as good.

Melissy said...

The photos are look so good!!! <33 Reminds me of vintage photos heeee. :D

Dolce♥Bunny said...

so pretty! I love it!
lomo ish gives it a different accent to it!

A. said...

lol! I had these cameras 4 quite a while,but i only use it in special occasions.
Correction pu3,the cameras are way cheaper in europe than in asia. Developing the film in asia is cheap. =)

Ken said...

yea thats life i guess

Pu3 said...

[A.] Lol~ is it? :D Hehe, thanks for correcting me. Im not really sure anyway, looking the price in the internet from uk is very expensive lol.


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