Monday, 9 August 2010

How things get me

Im kinda stressed at the moment... So blogging would always do the trick. 
I apologize for not being able to visit and comment some of the blogs at the moment. ;) Stay right there. I'll come back to you ;D  
Too many things in mind, too many promises yet to be fulfilled... seems like everything is still waiting in line. Ya Allah, I need to be very organised!  

*Turning on my carefree mode*
*In search of random bits.......* 

My attempt to show of my nails has failed  LOL.
So here it is
Ahh~ feeling much better.
Sorry for the mess, be nice to beginners. :P

Watched Toy Story that day~ and cried 3 times in the cinema!  
Fell in love with the movie.

Bought Toy Story's 'The Little Green Men' Iphone sticker the next day.
Loving it!
Bought the Iphone case also.
For buying the Green Man case, I got to choose 2 more CASES for FREE!
So I chose these 2 
A pink angel and a bling bling sweetheart.
 Cute isn't it? 

The next latest movie that got me was Inception
Here's something that I made
Man, you gotta love that quote. :P Im not good at drawing western people but Mal's not that bad.. Although, it doesn't look like her at all. :P
I tried to draw Cobb (Leonardo Decaprio) but it didn't work out. 
Its funny, I don't know how to draw the man I USED to be obsessed with!

 When Titanic struck, I had posters of Leonardo on my bedroom walls, 
I have pictures of him in my closet, and  in my pencil case for me to stare at him all day long in school! And I was primary 6 back then. :P

Lol that was a confession. 
Nick Carter, Leonardo Decaprio and Aaron Carter.
That's all there is. 
 I then realised there's no point crazying over a celebrity. I will never get a chance anyway. That's the painful truth whahahaa.

Enough said.
Having Jeri is the best thing that ever happen to me already.
Lots of love


Ken said...

pretty nails =]

and cool alien skin on ur phone~!

d440 said...

I like the LGM skin... I want Iphone4.... pu3 ko baik kn?

Tekkaus said... have so many iPhone skin. You do love your iPhone a lot huh! :D

**~Pu-3~** said...


Capi kali, kalau ku dpat bali iphone4, baiktah ku balikan ntuk diriku saja.

[tekkaus] yep i love my iphone. But i didnt plan to get any skins bfore i saw that alien. Then d rest r free gifts! :)

d440 said...

Pasal ada org atu mnyamal.... heheh

jellytelly_ri-chan said...

gosh!!! i like your nails. I can't do those patterns on my nails for nuts.

and the little green men is cute!!! *keeps a look out* and can i steal your phone cover???? hehehee bling blinb case~~~ ♥

I just watched Inception yesterday!!! and the quote is really sweet but sad for Mal... and your drawing is lovely.

☆rabbito-bonbon☆ said...

Your nails are sooooo cute!!!! o(*^-^*)o

And.. Your Iphone skin... (o.o) The green aliens~~ Kawaii!! XDXD

I just coloured my nails black & red (;A;) Pretty saddening *lol* XDXD

I'm an evil bunnnneeeeh now (^_~)

Mwahahaha!!!! ( ? )

LoveStory said...

pu3!!! you make me wana buy an iPhone too. i have the angel one (purple one) for my iTouch. I WANT THE BLING2 SWEATHEART!! ahaha emo~ xP yg lil Green Man atu lah CUTE habis!

Dolce♥Bunny said...

awwwwwwwwwwwwww ^-^ you're so cute! Love your nails! Love your drawing! Love the pictures! Love your nails again! Love the iPhone... I just love everything! I love that quote toooooooo ^^

Hope you feeel beeter after bloggin~~~

MizArWeN said...

dey rate Inception high bah..wonder wat d movie is all abt..hmmm. frm paper to nail. ders no limitation wen it comes to art..hehe. so pretty!~ :P

p/s:apakn d stress atu?

Lily said...

Hey, cool blog. :D

I love Toy Story 3! The iPhone case is cool. :)

And I love Inception! It was such a good movie. :D

JIPP said...

oh wow. iPhone. I'm thinking of buying one soon. Fingers crossed. :-D and the nails - wow. Can you eat with those? Ohh, spoons of course. :-P

Pu3 said...

[rabbito] Hello evil bunny ^_^ you should post your red and black onto your blog! I never expect you to be very emo-ish lol.

[Lovestory] Waah you have the angel case too? Sama tah tani tuu~ and that bling2? Ugh balum papa terlakap tia sudah hahaahahaha

Pu3 said...

[Mizarwen] Baru baru tu kan reply soalan mizarwen ni.. i was stress about my exam as well as my honours project proposal. But everything have sorted out just yesterday! ;') Alhamdullilah...

[Jipp] Hahaha~ its fine la the nails, its painted, except for that bling which I ended up taking them off when I wanted to eat with my hands lol.


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