Sunday, 15 August 2010

Brunei, here I come!!

Guess what everyone. Im going home tomorrow! \(^_^)/

Finally get to see my family soon :)
Well when I say tomorrow, it doesn't mean I'm going to meet my family tomorrow :P.

15th Aug
Aberdeen (03.20pm) - London (04.55pm)
16th Aug
London (09.40am) - Dubai (07.55pm)
Dubai (09.10pm) -  BRUNEI (09.35am) on the 17th Aug)

Im going to stay in London Heathrow airport for 17 hours (thank god a friend is going to accompany me) til my flight to Brunei (by which it takes nearly 16hours btw). Yep~ it's definitely a lonnnnng journey. 
But who cares. 

So I bought some books for the journey. 
Children books! 
Bought 'Dork diaries' today. It's like the girl version of 'Diary of a Wimpy kid'~ except it's waaayyy cuter. 
I mean look at these! 
Tell me if these are not cute! 
...and omaigawd, it totally reminds me of my high school diary!!! (the greatest reason why I want this book!)
(Mijah! That boy looks like Peter [or Mantle?] from my 'Friendship' comic no?!!)

Okay okay~ Im not that childish (yea right)
Look look!
These are other books that I bought. :P 
'The Time Traveler's Wife' and 'Angelina Jolie - Notes from My Travel'  

I think I have just shocked my family and close friends. 
Truth is, I don't read books and novels. XD
But hey, that doesn't mean I don't want to read them at all! 
See if I could do it on the plane later!

loves Manga
loves magazines.  
Btw, these are the latest Japanese magazines I bought from HK. 
My favoarite is still 'egg' though. (Usually downloaded it online).
Bought 'Nicola' for the 1st time even though I knew its for young teens. I got curious you see.
Or maybe.... i just want the free gifts? :P 
Tik tok Tik tok
Got to go. Need to clean the house! 

Goodbye Aberdeen! See you in one and a half month!
Before I go, I want to show you one last photo.
The latest photo of my room in Aberdeen!~ Right after tidying it up that is. ^^
See if I could post a photo of my other room back at home next time. 

Ya Allah ya Tuhanku~ Semoga perjalananku selamat. Amin.
Lots of love everyone! 


MizArWeN said...

Pu3 is coming hommmmmmmmmme!~ atu byk bh buku kn dbca.m not a gd readers too for sho long journey lyk dat id only fall asleep.heheh.hv a safe journey, Put.

Tekkaus said...

You are going back home right? Good for you. :) You must have missed them a lot huh!

Lily said...


Haha, the dork diaries are cute. xD

JIPP said...

enjoy your balik kg pu3. ohh and don't stop blogging when you're there. :-D ohh, and I've just realized pu~3 is actually puteri. I am so slow. hehe.

jellytelly_ri-chan said...

have a great trip home and enjoy your time with your family!!! love your books that you are bringing back hahahaha

Haya said...

Have a Great time! Can you still blog there?

Haya said...

OMIGOD I ♥ your room!!

Cath J said...

Lovely books... lovely blog and lovely writer...

Safe journey.. :)

Dolce♥Bunny said...

awwwwwwww!! I bet you are excited! I bet they miss you dearly!! Such a cute book! It sure reminds me of the diary you showed last time!! hehe! Safe journey home!!! :D

Ken said...

aww a horse?!

A chica like me said...

have a safe flight! <3 maybe i can see you during hari raya! =D

LoveStory said...

pu3! xD make a date for a sungkai out. ahaha insyaAllah, ada msa, we meet up.

neways, LOVE your room n i want Dork diaries jua~!! i hope ada bjual dBrunei..eheh

~miszirdawaty~ said...

hve a sfe journey!


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