Friday, 27 August 2010

Thank you ^_^

My li'l friend Haya made a drawing especially for my birthday. ^_^
She's so~ sweet! Thank you very much! heart Pictures, Images and Photos heart Pictures, Images and Photos heart Pictures, Images and Photos
Haya also lives in Aberdeen where I study ^^ We actually met and talked with each other during Japan day this year (link). 
She's so young, yet her drawing skill is amazing! :D 
She just opened her blog recently! 
Please do visit and be her friend! (^_^) :

Btw, I got my parcel from Jeri :)))
Its my birthday gift from him ^^ Alice in Wonderland organizer heart Pictures, Images and Photos (complete with a mechanical pencil)

The first few pages are some bits from the storybook. heart Pictures, Images and Photos
The organizer also comes with a letter set (a bit crumbled).
I love it Jeri heart Pictures, Images and Photos Thank you very much!! heart Pictures, Images and Photos


MizArWeN said...
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MizArWeN said...

oh baby pink organizer how cute is dat! ^^ dun hv a present frm c 'awg' bt m cool bt dat coz i hv 3 cakes during my bday..nyeh~ oh she's study in Aberdeen too pnya...keke. she got all ds cute stuffs, huh? ;)

Dolce♥Bunny said...

OMG! That organizer is just soooo adorable!! i really love how it starts off as a story book! You're a lucky girl ^^

Lily said...

Aw, it's so cute! :D I love the little rabbit on the diary. :)

JIPP said...

jeez, missed it. Happy birthday pu3. :-)

Pu3 said...

[Mizarwen] Wah cool 3 cakes, aku nda pernah haha. Yep, haya is from Aberdeen, i think she's 13. She's a real sweet girl ;D

[Dolce Bunny] Yep it is really adorable ;D but there's no specific year in it~ so i can keep it longer for use next time :)

[Lily] Yes i love the bunny too :)

[Jipp] Thank you ^^

Tekkaus said...

OMG! You received so many loves. Again happy BD to you. :D

Hello said...

Thank you pu3!!! Nice alice in wonderland things!!

LoveStory said...

kiut organizer ah!!! kiut!!! (haha majal~ xP)..

Kristie said...

oh my..the alice set is soo cute!!

YongWei said...



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