Tuesday, 3 August 2010

I just feel like it that's all.

A special post today.
Im giving you all a peek into my diary! (Ugh What?)

Not the latest one though, but nearly 2 years ago. So its not much of a big deal anymore. :P 
17th October 2008
You see, this is where I express my thoughts to when I feel like it. I don't get too personal with my blog, but I can write anything in my diary book..
Sometimes I wish I could just let it all out here.
But that wouldn't be nice :P would it. 

Im sure my parents would be reading this lol. 
Bah, you see there?
"Mummy, Babah~... Thank you for giving me a wonderful life!"


Tekkaus said...

I thing you have way too much artistry just to doodle in your diary. Start a full-fledge doodle blog o. :D

LoveStory said...

this post is LOVE xD i duno if you remember it but u once draw me a Hari Raya scenerio in one of scrap book. that was like, WAY BACK in the late 90s..msa tani dskulah ugama. ahaha xP
point of me mentioning this, is that, am always VERY the fond of your artistry xD
post more lah ah..ehehe xD

Anonymous said...

wow! I like it!^~^ put more on please!!

~KawaiiParadise~ said...

You are so creative dear ^^

dazedaidai said...

thats very cool wish to see more of ur works =)

Deanona said...

one word - CREATIVE! <3

**~Pu-3~** said...

[Tekkaus] Guess thats how I express my feelings :P Yes must have the look of my expression also XD Im not good with words

[Lovestory] I actually dont remember lukis something about raya dalam buku org tho hahaha. But being able to draw is definitely not a cool thing at our age. People around me are busy now, and they think im just wasting my life

**~Pu-3~** said...

[Anonymous] My 1st anonymous customer. Thank you ^^ whoever you are.

[Kawaiiparadise] Thnx :)

[dazedaidai] Thanks ^^ but most of these are quite embarrassing for me to show due to my instant expression - bad grammar and spelling too lol.

Charline said...

it's more like a storybook than a diary. really lovin the doodles. ^^

Dolce♥Bunny said...

You call this a diary? I call it MANGA! kekekeke!! It's so cool!!! I wish I could draw awesomely as you... :( I remember my diary had one page of one stick figure killing the other stick figure... I think that was all the drawing that was in there.... lol

Ken said...

wow that is nice =]

**~Pu-3~** said...

[Charline] yes it usually is ^^ thats y I treasure all my diaries so much!

[Dolce Bunny} Lol, stick figures? It must be really cute! :D I have a friend who made a book full of stick figures that relates her life story. its soo interestingg.

[Ken] Thankx ^^

MizArWeN said...

I wont let anyone read my diary..ugh.it wud be so embarrassing cz i put all my feelings in it. hahah..ure so brave.lucky dat pages is not reli secretive to u. nyeh!~i duno hw to start a diary wf drawing..huhu

**~Pu-3~** said...

Hahaha~ I let anyone to read my diary... anyone except for my parents, its nothing much, awkward ja haha.

And yea the reason why I posted this up is because there's nothing really personal in it anyway, just the thoughts of the day. :P
And i hardly have any diary without drawings in it. Smua mesti ada expression muka happy, muka sedih lol.


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