Sunday, 17 May 2009

Natsu Matsuri Cosplay~!! *_*

Laugh as hard as u can. Pu3 joined this year's Natsu Matsuri Cosplay competition as Kairi from Kingdom Heart 2 (in School Uniform).

Of course i didn't win la hahaha.

Joining the cosplay was once again a lastminute decision (a night b4 d event). It was good enough la~ noting d fact it all came out from my wardrobe only. (Plus Alin's white collar shirt and Peter's tie)

Owh well~

Who won the 1st prize cosplay this year?

Mr. Nico Yakuza.

He won last year's end of year party oredi!

Boo~!! :P:P:P~ Nyeh just kidding

Guess who got the 2nd prize winner *_*


Aiyo, is this character even applicable?

3rd Prize
- Caroline

Im quite surprise she got only into the 3rd place.

I couldnt take my eyes off her boobies!

Other cosplayers

Kat and BenBen

We got the same number of votes :P

This is my Cosplay prize~
Obento Origami!!~ Awesome! \(^o^)/

All thankz to Peter for taking these photos for us ^_^

*0* Just Nice *o*

Okay~ I need to go back to my study~ *_* So many to update on the Natsu Matsuri events.
I'll post it next time ok~


Neant said...

Is Nico a retired gansta doing fishscooping at the Matsuris around the country??

I think you really did a good job, you look like Kaeri so much! Kawaii!

I am happy you had fun!!!

^ o ^

**~Pu-3~** said...

Haha ^_^ You got that right! Nico'z acting was good, thatz y he won d competition.

Nyeh :p I would have won if i do look like Kairi! XD


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