Friday, 1 May 2009

Pu3's Magic Glove~ *_*

Have you ever wish you could remove your fats from any parts of your body so easily?

Then, your wish will definitely come true with PU3Z MAGICAL GLOVE!

Do you want it? :p Come and get it!

Come and study in University of Aberdeen and you can have all the gloves you need!!

Come on la people, my Uni have excellent lab facilities XD I enjoy my course so much! And! And! You get to remove all the fats that you hate!! How great is that?!

Yes people, im promoting my Uni, especially for you Bruneian students :P

Okay okay~

*Lame kan mati*

Abez tia

2 days ago, i smelled like fish. Why?

Ocean Biology practical.

The usual, cutting up animal. Cruel, but i love it.

Nyeh, i try to stay nice with u people, im not going to post up d dissection picture.

Anyway, today - garden shits.

Uh what?

Slugs.. urgh.

Me dont like slugs. Slugs slimy *_*

But unfortunately, i have no choice. Its for my group project. 'Food Preference of slugs'.

This is what we do.

We have to make power point and poster for this project....

Sigh, musim2 kan exam~.. *_*

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