Saturday, 16 May 2009

Nobita's Okonomiyaki~!

Nippon Connections Natsu Matsuri is coming!! It'll be all the same like last year~.. Except this time there'll b a obento workshop. And.. Nobita (Ppl call him Jerry) suggested Okonomiyaki to be added into our menu! Who's gonna make it? Uh.. Jerry??
*_* Nobita can cook??! His okonomiyaki looks so perfect no?
Have i ever mentioned that he's always the 1 who makes awesome dishes? Me? Im always the 1 who gave him stomach ache T_T~ *sobz*
Anyway, here's Nobita's very own menu poster I made for the Natsu Matsuri Event!
And here's the Event Schedule poster. There's so many things happening in 1 day!

The All Day Menu poster

Obento Workshop!
...Some extra poster to attract more ppl to come.

Yea, its lot of posters isnt it, but its not as time consuming as lastyear since i made d posters with photoshop (i handmade posters lastyear!). Exam? Argh! I was making these poster while printing my notes~ Making these poster is a good way to reduce stress tho...

Ok leave it.

I made another bento!! ^_^

Suka ku ehh~ Wanna buy cute bento decorations next time!


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