Sunday, 3 May 2009

Too much Zoology~ *_*

Owh man, what a nightmare... =_='

Guess I had too many lab work on animals this semester *_* yes, such cruelty.. but its my course, what to do?

I do dream of my guinea pig a lot nowadays, maybe he's trying to gimme a sign *0* BOWHHH!!

Owh, don't you think Totoro has grown really big now? ^_^ But then again, he's still cute, especially when he wheeks. :D
And look at him sleeping! \(^_^)/ Nda tantu usulnya

Anyhu, we finally get to discuss with Nao about the summer trip in Japan through msn yesterday.

So many places to go, so many things to do.. I cant wait! ^o^

I really do miss Nao :) its been a year since we last met each other.

We travelled a few times together last year.

The 3 days trip to Fort William (+ Yoko) was an unforgettable experience :D

Such a great adventure!

Thus, im looking forward our next trip :) and this time, in JAPAN! \(^0^)/

I hope everything will go as planned AMIN.

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