Friday, 8 May 2009

Pu3 and her colourful eyes~ *_*

1 of my weird habits during high school haha. I guess thatz what happen when you have many choices of colour contactlenses :P

I had my 1st contact lens on my 14th Birthday, and it was hazelnut in colour. ^^ So no, im not posting this because im sakai or anything, I just think that it would be nice to talk about it :P Not many gives a damn about it somehow.

And why i wanna talk about colour eyelens?
Jeng Jeng Jeng~ *0*

My new Freshlook Colourblends Amethyst contactlenses just arrived yesterday.

I was out of solution, so i tried to buy a new 1 online. There, i saw very cheap colour contactlenses. And thatz how it happened :P *Totally against Nobita's will (he even stops me from wearing makeup!)*

I finally get to learn the fact that freshlook colour have different types - colorblends, radiance dimension and color.

At 1st, i was very curious about the freshlook radiance. It was made to enhance lighter eyes, I couldnt find the effect of using it on very dark brown eyes on the web, so I guess it wont do anything to me. But then again i still wanna give it a try anyway.

Went to a shop, luckily, they give away free FL Radiance samples :D So i took the Sunset and Autumn ones.

This is what happen when you pu Freshlook radiance onto a black eye.

Haha, I doubt any1 would notice, but I love it :D Atleast itz better than my black eyes.

Here's the difference between FR Sunset and FR Autumn. There's no obvious difference kan?! The Autumn is a bit orangy actually.
I didnt end up buying it for now, but im sure i will next time. :)

Hmm..I wonder why i didnt take a lot of photos of myself with colour contact before *_* this is d only 2 i found in my laptop, 2003 and 2007. The grey 1 was the last colour contact i worn and i only used it twice.

Anyway, after all that - SMUA BIDA, ORIGINAL IS THE BEST (until FR Radiance comes along? *0* BOWH!)

1 last bit
Instead of internet and blogging, I spent these past 3 days reading this manga -

I finished all 13volumes \(^0^)/ Im not a fan of Shoujo manga but this 1's really good i tell ya!

Although I downloaded all volumes from Mangatraders, you can read Koukou Debut straight through onemanga website as well.

Check it out! ^_^


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