Friday, 22 May 2009

Sweet Treatz!~ *_*

Im not aware much about Japanese goodies until I joined Nippon Connections. Itz a wow to see the varieties of (interesting) food they have, especially the flavors.

My favoarite would be KitKat. Somehow d Japanese never stop trying out new flavors on Kitkat, one after another. Banyak limited edition.Why only in Japan kan?

So far, i've only tried grape, red bean and custard flavoured KitKats.

The grape 1 was kinda too sweet for me, karing leherku tarus. I dont think grapes go well with chocolate.
I love the red bean flavor :) It blends in so well mmmm~Want some more!

N baru jua masareto i got the chance to try the custard flavoured KitKat from Nobita (1 of his cosplay prize)......Nyeh, not much magic there. Caramel and chocolate have always been a good couple anyway.

Aiyo, why am only talking about KitKat ah~.. *_* Of coz i've tried many different types of sweet treats~ But I still think KitKatz d best!
Strawberry cheese cake candy!

Its 1 of d gifts i took from Dodi for helping out the Natsu Matsuri event.
Japanese goodies are indeed very interesting~.... ;)
:puteh_1:(Eleh~alasan c Pu3 ah~vain!)

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