Monday, 25 May 2009

25th May~.. somewhat special *_*

25th May has always been an important date - the date of birth of people dearest to me :)

Now that im active in blog, i have no reason not to greet these people on their very special day here.

Dah, Mij n Dee~ dulu kan mati jelousku kamu sama birthday ahh hahaha ;D

I hope you girls like your presentz. ^_^

And here's for Mimi ^^ the owner of one of my favoarite blogs.

I learned so much from her blog, i got very interested in Gyaru culture and started reading downloaded Japanese magazines. (Im into fashion??? ;D Yay, i got a new hobby!)

Im not sure how your new himecut hairstyle really look like, but I hope this drawing is fine with you ^^.

May god bless you all ^3^ Amin

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