Monday, 13 July 2009

Pu3z BACK!! \(^o^)/

Hi everyone, Im back!
I havent blogged for nearly a month! Dearest readers, I know you all miss me ^3^

Its been more than a week since I arrived in Brunei for summer holidays!
It feels so good to be home again. Not to mention the happiness of being able to meet my sayang and drive her again. :P


So Pu3, where did you go with your family?

We went straight to Disneyland Resort on d 1st day we set our foot there.
The next day~
Eiffel Tower
Nothredam Cathedral
Arc de Triomphe
After that,
Few hours in Belgium~ (no picture)
Spent the last night in Europe in Amsterdam, HollandThen we went back to uk~
A visit to my Mum and Dad's University~
Leeds and Hull~ Nothing much.Brighton
Im missing my guinea pig so much T_T
Im so glad to know that Peter's friends - Robyn and her family, were willing to take care of Totoro while Im gone! Thank you very much!

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