Thursday, 16 July 2009

Pu3 and her Identity Card

I wonder why is it that.... No matter how much I try to look pretty, my IC always turned out to be VERY UGLY?
Nyeh, remember my stolen wallet in London Victoria Station? - My IC's in it.
So yeah, I have to make a new one.
Kali ke-2 : $55 yo
abez duitku T_T
Owh owh, wanna know how and when did the 1st incident happen? :P
Form 3 - 6th April 2002
Its all written in my 2002 diary. (Below - printed word processed + cartoon diary)

I hope its clear enough for you to understand for something made by such a lame person.

A thief snuck into my room while i asleep!
I woke up and shouted at him - shocked, he escaped by jumping off through the window from the 1st floor with my bag!
Dont you think I was lucky that he didnt do anything to me that time?!
Bah bersyukurlah.
It was our Sultan's Birtday day-off yesterday. :) Me and my family went to Pantai Muara and Bandar. My god.. So many Indonesians and Indians!!
I dont feel like home anymore *_*

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