Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Day-2 Hongkong - Shopping, food and animals

Today, we spent the whole day in only 1 part of the HK main shopping area - Mongkok.

Lalah yo~ after a long walk, i took off my high heels and bought new flats hehe (why did I wore them from the 1st place?)

At 11.30 in the morning, we went to Mongkok using a mini bus from Whampoa~(the journey took about 15min).

Brunch at Suzuki Cafe
The food we ordered
Hui Lau Shan
I read a good review about this place (and its EVERYWHERE!). So I decided to have a try :P
Its mostly all about mango here!
Really nice :) especially how they put 1 mango into many varieties !
[tapi nyaman lagi manga dirumah haha] We went to a street where petshops are found the whole way

Street stalls opened from 6pm onwards

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