Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Gambar kecil~ *_*

I've all my things ready for visa application~.. all but 2 passport sized photos.
I end up making 1 myself again regardless how bad the photo quality of my camera is nowadays. T_T Its getting blurry *sniffs*

Altho its a bit time-consuming, the good thing about taking ur own photo is editing it :P Nah, didnt changed anything actually - Dont have any spots to be erased at the moment.

And NO, i dont alter my face! >_<
I have a big nose,
I have a small pointy tikus mouth,
& I have an ugly smile.
There's 1 thing I couldn't stop my self from editing - brightness and contrast.
The bright colour suits my blog much bah :D It makes everything looks lively and friendly kan.

Owh owh~ Guess what,
Pu3 bought 3 different colour contact lens msareto \(^o^)/

Its so funny to think I used to hate colour ones before. :P (my 1st colour contacts at 14)

Hehehe~ surely I'll get bored of it soon.


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you're back! How was the trip?

Oh awesome I love your passport photo.. looks better than the one I got done "professionally" haha~! xD

Lovely color-contacts!! ^^ The amethyst ones look sooo natural, and yet it's amethyst! :'O Do you get them at a certain prescription or do you have perfect vision? >.< I've been thinking about trying on different color-contacts but my eyesight is so poor. ;_;

**~Pu-3~** said...

Hi Mimi! :D Owh my trip with my family was really tiring not wanting to waste a single day! My HK and Japan trip is coming starting next week!! XD Cant wait!

Haha~ U think my photo looks better than the real 1? :P It shouldnt be blur and have shadow. But the visa ppl have accepted it anyway.

I love amethyst! :) Its a freshlook colourblend contacts and my eyesight is really bad XD (Wore glasses since 11)
So you should try! I heard circle lens are much better than freshlook. >3<


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