Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Back to: Disneyland Resort Paris

Well~ its never to late to post about it :P

I don like uploading many pictures at a time *_* like.. why do i even have to blog about it? Nobody even cares!

But somehow i thought about how pointless it is to take a lot of snapshots without showing it off to anyone hehehe,
so~ here you go! :P

Ok~ i start with the rides >3<

Starting from my favoarite,

Tower of Terror

*The only snapshot (+frame) we bought from Disneyland Paris*
A lift drop tower thrill ride - we were taken up to the top of the 13-storey building, then suddenly *snap* the lift dropped against gravity. Just when it hits the bottom, it went up to do it all over again.......... And I was deadly terrified.
But nyeh, it was awesome. (tho i dont think i will ever want to ride this again)

Here's more ride photos (sneeky shots, to expensive to buy bah *_*)

I think the last 1 is a photo of the Pirates of Caribbean ride. And we met Jack Sparrow there :D
Only few photos with Disney characters.. *_*
All others are so popular that it was really hard to get them.Only villains (hated - less popular)Other photos

Lalala~ thatz all??.. THATS ALL?
Well then,
Here's the princess waving you all goodbye.
*Yayyy* \(^o^)/ *C Pu3 lame*
Guuyyysssss~ i have 5 days left!!!! *_* Sakit parutku ehhhhhhhh~

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