Thursday, 30 July 2009

Day-3 in Hongkong - My friends and the halal restaurant~

I finally got to meet Karen and Grace!! \(^o^)/ So happy to meet them again!!

Too bad Jacky was not able to come for dinner~ :P Nyeh, we all are going to meet each other again this weekend anyway. :)

Karen, Jacky and Grace were my Marine Resource coursemate during the 1st semester of my 1st University year in Aberdeen. They were all exchange students for only 1 semester~ yet, being with them were 1 of the best memories I ever had as a Uni student.

They are actually the reason why I stopped by Hong Kong before going to Japan ^^

Before meeting up with the girls, me and Jerry went to visit the HongKong History and Science museum in Tsim Sha Tsui.
It was nice but I didnt take any good photos~... *_*

Afterwards, we walked around for food (end up eating in an indian restaurant). On our journey, Jerry showed me the one and only mosque he knows in HK~ (He thought its the only mosque there is. Well thatz not true :P have 4 more la)

Dinner - Islam Food restaurant ;) (our meeting point)

The girls told me that this restaurant is popular for this food below.
Just after dinner, we went into another place for desserts! .... man, how i love these sweet stuffz

End of Day 3!


PJ said...

POOR JERRY... "They [Karen and Grace] are actually the reason why I stopped by Hong Kong before going to Japan ^^"

If I were you Jerry... both Karen and Grace look really nice - I'd take them out tomorrow instead, bet it'd be so much more restful :-)!!

**~Pu-3~** said...

Hahaha~ it was the ACTUAL reason BEFORE i even met Jerry :P

Me, Karen, Grace and Jacky were friends during my 1st year, and i promised to meet Nao in Japan. I have to choose a place to transit before going to Japan, either Singapore, Malaysia or Hongkong. I chose HK to meet my friends again.

Of coz after i met Jerry, he became one of the main reason now. Plus i wouldnt stay in HK for so long if it wasnt for him. :P


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