Thursday, 26 February 2009

So late? *_* Our photoz in Venice~..

Oppz~ I should have posted this a very long time ago :P Lupaku ba. But since ada orang request~.. nah, makan tia!

We went to Venice last December~ haha, nda ingat lagi, so im posting pictures saja ahh. Most of the wonderful picturez are taken by Ariffin. Thank you so much yo \(^o^)/

Venice - 'The City of Water' ~ simply beautiful and unique

Love all the photos of ME :P

Apart from their amazing scenery~ there's 5 other things I love about Venice~

Masks~ \(@_@)/

Gondola~ \(^_^)/

Amusement Park~ \(^o^)/

Birds~ \(*_*)/

Food!~ \(*o*)/ omg, i miss their pizza.

Owh derz 1 last thing i love~.. apanah :p usul c Ripin when we were leaving Venice. Belabeh bah anak atu.


Sorry, im out of wordz masa ani. :P Takpela~...


Renzoren said...

wowww ... siuk jua ... *hehe* cool eh

**~Pu-3~** said...

yea it was fun :) thanx for the comment

JIPP said...

seems you had fun. great pics. would love to go there someday.

**~Pu-3~** said...

Credits to my friend who took all the wonderful photos :) You should, its beautiful! But 1 or 2 days can satisfy already


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